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Never fear, Autumn is here!

on April 15, 2016

Ah, my darlings! Hello again! So it would seem that the weather is doing that thing again, where its warm one day, freezing the next! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Seriously. haha. Never fear, we have some amazing things for you to wear, some come along. Lets revamp that wardrobe of yours… 

Milan Milan Black  Milan Camel

So now that Autumn is well and truly here, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer with us! Keep your outfits alive with some pops of colour and say hello to the Milan Textured Trench in Dusky Blue! The fabric is light enough to wear inside (when the air-conditioning makes it feel like the Arctic is inside your office) or for those days when Summer suddenly decides to make a short comeback. Follow in our stylist’s footsteps and wear all white underneath to let the blue do the talking! If being bold isn’t your scene, this lightweight trench also comes in black and caramel (how convenient haha).


Bandida Bandida

Need something to wear for those cooler weekend nights? Look no further than the Lioness Bandida Bell Playsuit in White. You won’t sweat your makeup off inside at the bar with the scalloped edged shorts but the loose bell sleeves will keep you from freezing outside on your way there! Add some tan heels and a clutch and you’ll be ready to hit the town!


Conspiracy  Madison  Always on Time

Another seriously fabulous nighttime option is the Conspiracy Ribbed Knitted Dress in Grey Marle. This number would be perfect if you had a dinner date to attend to! This ribbed knitted dress has a tube like fit which is stretchy and a little forgiving (a huge plus if you’re like me and can’t always resist a cheeky big delicious bowl of carbs!) Add some black heels and a classic leather jacket for an effortless look!

We love knitted dresses here at St Frock HQ so we love the new Madison Knitted Dress with Waist Tie in Beige. The knitted waistband is attached for your convenience and can be tied up at the front or the back and is flattering either way thanks to the figure hugging cut. It can be made casual for the daytime with some sneakers or dressed up at night with a pair of platform heels and Samantha Wills jewellery!

And lastly, drum roll please… The Always On Time Pants in Black are an easy and casual piece perfect for Autumn. Everyone needs a classic pair of pants in their wardrobe! The pants can be worn high on the waist or a bit lower depending on what you fancy. They’re tapered through the calf which is super flattering and will make you look fierce as you strut your stuff down the street. Add a basic white top and some bold red lipstick and you’re ready for anything!

So there you have it darlings, stay warm, but OH SO stylish this season! I know I will...

Love St Frock


Saint frock |sānt fräk| noun

1. Patron Saint of fashion and fun (2010-PD)

• a person who is admired or venerated because of their ability to transform sinners of style into beacons of beauty
• (Saint) a member of the Congregation of the Holy Frock
• (Frock) a divine garment sacrosanct to devotees

2. A place of worship for followers of Frockolisism
• A destination of pilgrimage (The worshippers undertook their weekly pilgrimage to the hallowed ground in Pyrmont)