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Now This Is What You Wear To High Tea!

on October 31, 2015


We all need an escape from the hustle and bustle even for a little while, and what better way to do so by dressing up in a pretty lacy number for a spot of high tea!

meanttobe-dress-3  meanttobe-dress-4

Ashleigh from The Blonde Silhouette showed off the Meant to Be Lace Dress in White in a recent outfit post - and we just had to share it with you all! 

At the beautiful Brisbane tea room, Tea & Niceties, Ashleigh definitely dressed for the occasion. Pairing the dress with a blush pink cross-body bag is a feminine way to finish the look!


Beauty-wise, a sophisticated setting such as a tea house means simplicity is key. Pops of colour in the cheeks & lips and subtle waves through your locks are all you need. 

Of course, we couldn’t help but salivate at the afternoon tea goodies Ashleigh had the opportunity to taste. Seriously, look at the floral sugar cubes, mini scones and what we can only imagine are pink & yellow lamingtons!

meanttobe-dress-6  meanttobe-dress-7

What's more, the dress also comes in black! Click here to shop the style, and why not browse through more lace & embroidered wardrobe additions here?

Thank you for the post lovely! Follow Ashleigh for more fashion & lifestyle inspiration at

Love, St. Frock xx

Saint frock |sānt fräk| noun

1. Patron Saint of fashion and fun (2010-PD)

• a person who is admired or venerated because of their ability to transform sinners of style into beacons of beauty
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