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Statements lip colours, you need this season!

on May 11, 2016

 Oh my ladies! Is it just me or has the chill decided to set in, along with my resting bitch face for that matter and my oh so beloved dark lip! With winter coming this spot on trend, has returned and the girls here at St Frock are OH SO IN LOVE! So how do you pick which colour is best for you?

 plum red 

We turned to Vogue Australia to help out with this one! Lip shades with blue or purple undertones (we’re talking deep crimson reds and dark plums) are perfect for those of you with cool skin tones. For our ladies with warm undertones, you should look for shades with red, brown or yellow undertones (so red toned browns or wine coloured shades). Olive or neutral skin tones are lucky enough to suit both cool and warm shades, even tones like yellow and pastel won’t wash you out!

 A dark lipstick has the power to wash out your face so make sure you balance out your face with some bronzer to bring some colour back. Another great tip from Bustle is to keep the eye look to a minimum and let your lips do the talking (unless you love rocking a smokey eye, then you do you!) Complete the look with bold brows by filling them in - it will balance out your face since dark lips draw attention to such a low part of your face.

 Makeup Artist to the stars Sandy Linter says that textured and heavier fabrics go well with bold lips so why not try some of our knitted tops and dresses! 

 celeste navy alpine borderline 

The Celeste Knitted Dress in Navy is a simple wardrobe staple! The long sleeves and regular slim fit mean you’ll be nice and toasty for the cooler weather! Wear it loose or with a belt to bring in the waist. Navy is a good fit for dark lip shades so add your favourite boots and you’ll be ready to make a statement! 

The Aspen Basic Knit in White is perfect for warm afternoons or for layering over tops or underneath coats on those days when Mother Nature decides to turn up the cold! Your bold lip will definitely stand out against the white! Style this knit with tights, pants or even a leather mini skirt! Add some boots and some jewellery to complete your look. Now you’re ready to strut your stuff!

For easy styling try the Borderline Ribbed Knitted Dress in Black! This mid-length dress is soft and stretchy with a form fitting shape. Although it’s sleeveless, the high neck will protect you from the cold wind. Accessorise subtly with a low heel, funky jacket and some fine jewellery to let your bold lips be the main event!

And as always, accessorise accordingly. Maybe a little Samantha Wills will do the trick? Now that you’ve got the tips, go out and rock your bold statement lip with confidence. You know you want to…

 Love St Frock xx 


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