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Who is Kate, and what is she Chasing?

on March 17, 2016

We asked St Frock Director, Sandradee, to tell us more about this growing label that’s making its way into more and more wardrobes across Australia.

1. What inspired Chasing Kate? 

The inspiration for the label Chasing Kate came largely from collection showings. In all the showings I’ve attended with brands across Australia, I found that I was constantly seeing ranges that, whilst beautiful, were often far too short, unflattering to the majority of body shapes or leaving women unable to wear a bra which to most is a daily necessity! So amongst all the fabulous styles, bold prints and pops of colour, I came to the realisation that there was an obvious gap in the market that I wanted to fill with beautiful, versatile clothing that women could rely on everyday to live comfortably and stylishly in. 

Another source of inspiration to the range was  the every day lives of modern women. Throughout my journey from a small market stall business with a few dresses to a relatively large scale online business and boutique in Sydney’s Pyrmont,  I developed an intimate knowledge of what women are really looking for in their clothing. It’s inspired by the women in my life - friends, family, associates, mothers, wives, the girl next door – basically, just real women. The label houses clothing that can inspire style conscious women looking for both classic styles and those “WOW” pieces that will add an edge to their wardrobe. Chasing Kate is designed to take you from looking and feeling comfortable and polished in the workplace, to stylish and put-together at lunch with the girls or late night cocktails. They’re versatile, beautiful pieces for real women.


Hopelessly Devoted Kendall Skirt in Grey Evelyn Dress


2. How do you go about designing ranges for Chasing Kate? 

The design process is always so much fun! All the girls here at St Frock HQ get together to submit their ideas for styles, shapes, colour ways and prints that they'd love to see in the next range. Every piece of Chasing Kate is decided with the modern woman in mind and every piece has a story behind it. The collections are inspired by my customers, friends, family and the St Frock staff. We consider the upcoming trends, what shapes and styles have worked previously and also what our personal favourite staple items are. In addition to this we focus and dedicate time to fit, fitting our garments on a variety of  different body shapes and sizes to ensure a flattering and comfortable fit. I find this process to be really exciting because our entire team comes together to create a range, investing their time and ideas into the success of the label. We want to create styles that are modern and on trend but that make our customers feel beautiful and ready for the adventures of the day. It’s gratifying to see such diverse and amazing women working together. 


3. Who do you envision wearing Chasing Kate? 

I envision the modern woman wearing Chasing Kate, whether they’re a career driven professional, a working, or stay at home mum, a free spirit, or all of the above combined. The label is for women who want to look good and feel fabulous in their clothes, who are edgy yet classic (I’m saying no to side-boob), who love versatility and are looking for reliability in their wardrobe. Every piece created is designed with someone in mind and I can actually envision all of the women in my life, no matter how varied in lifestyle and personality, wearing a piece of the collection. It’s kind of wonderful to think that all the incredible women who’ve impacted my life are playing a part in this journey.



4. Chasing Kate is developed in house, did you ever imagine having your own label?

To have my own label has always been a dream of mine, but to see that dream become a reality and success is beyond what I ever imagined. Chasing Kate has become St Frock’s best selling brand – both online and in our boutique. What started as an idea is now seeing large scale design and production, and that’s pretty rewarding. It’s opened up a wide range of opportunities and experiences, seeing Caitlin (our General Manager) and myself travelling overseas various times a year in search of all things beautiful in fabric sourcing, trimmings and production. It’s beyond what I ever imagined and seeing it go from strength to strength. 

5. Which is your favourite Chasing Kate piece and why?

This is always so tough to answer, because so much thought and effort goes into each individual piece, so I couldn’t possibly choose just one. Over summer the Sienna Wrap Maxi Dress in White Cherry Blossom is hands down my favourite. The Sienna embodies an aura of femininity and the luxe super-soft fabric combined with the fit which we were really happy with, makes this one of the most romantic maxi dresses we’ve ever created. This style never fails to sweep me off my feet when I see someone wearing it on the street.  

In saying this I’m also really excited about our new trans-seasonal range. My favourite piece so far is the Carmella Wrap Dress in Monochrome. I adore wrap dresses because of their flattering and timeless style, the print is modern and striking, but still easy to wear. Watch out for our high winter drop of Chasing Kate Trench Coats which are bound to become office favourites. We worked exceptionally hard on the beautiful fit and overall look of these styles, we can’t wait to see the results! 


Sienna, Alannah


6. We’re dying to know - why is the label called Chasing Kate?

I toyed around with so many different names and variations of names when creating Chasing Kate. I liked the word “chasing”, there’s an aura of mystery about the chase and what it conjures. The word itself raises so many questions. Who is chasing Kate? Why is she being chased? Is she famous? Do people want to be her? I love that the question can never really be answered and everyone can have their own interpretation.

Why Kate? Well I chose the name Kate for number of reasons. Firstly, I feel as though the name itself is relatable and easily recognised but the story itself goes deeper than this. When I was developing this idea I came to the realisation that I knew an absurd amount of Kates and whilst they were all leading very different lives and were unique in their own way, each of them were all strong, independent, stylish women. I found myself combining different elements of their personalities to create Chasing Kate. 


7. What can we expect to see from Chasing Kate in AW16?

As always you can expect to see classic styles, gorgeous silhouettes and fabulous colour ways in the Chasing Kate AW16 collection! The Chasing Kate girl loves prints so we’re providing her with bold beautiful prints and fits to get her through the cooler months, so she can stand out in the sea of black and neutrals. At the end of the day, all we want is for women to feel beautiful inside and out whenever they’re wearing Chasing Kate. 


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