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Cronuts, Donuts & Freak Shakes OH MY!

on March 31, 2016

Hello again darlings! I know, I know, I’m a little slow with my updates. Naughty me! But I’m back and I promise I’ll try a little harder! SO I have a question for you all! Is it just me, or is everyone wondering WHERE ON EARTH THESE OUT OF CONTROL FREAK SHAKES AND CRONUTS ARE COMING FROM? I mean come-on, here’s me sitting at the lunch table with a healthy home-made salad scrolling through my Instagram to find a bombardment of images depicting all things sugary and sweet. Mean while I’m sitting here salivating without a single coveted cafe in walking distance!  

So where might you ask are these incredible pieces of happiness in edible form coming from? I’ve done my research. Here are some of the little gems I’ve come across in and around Sydney, providing people with the ultimate pick me up! 


XS Espresso Wetherill Park: Give their freak shakes a try, I’ve been and believe me it’s worth every calorie. Its a sensory overload! My personal favourite the Kinder Surprise, hello happiness.



Pâtissez Canberra: Over the weekend I popped into the lovely little Pâtissez and my OH MY it’s worth the drive for anyone residing within driving distance! (And by that I mean it took me 3 hours to get there but what the hell, what else are long weekends for?) GO GO GO get in that car and drive drive drive! Happy days ahead.



Brewtown Newtown: Kings of the crount. If you’re popping into Newtown, YOU MUST STOP HERE! That is all.



Food Craft Espresso Erskineville: Ahh, hello old friend. With the cosy village like feel of Erskineville and freak shakes that literally have straws poked through donuts ontop of them, what more could a girl want?



Baked Patisserie Kirrawee: An age old lesson is required right here, be sure not to judge a book by its cover. At Bakes Patisserie you’re bound to cronut and tell. Next time you’re near, you must visit my dear!


The Grumpy Barista

The Grumpy Barista Petersham: Now the name is deceiving haha they may say the Barista’s are grumpy but I assure you nothing but fabulousness is in this bakery! Syringes of chocolate and so much more, your tastebuds better be ready to explore all things sinful!



Wild Pear Cafe Dural: Looking for a little weekend adventure? Head on over to the fabulous Wild Pear Cafe in Dural. I mean what more could you ask for than ice-cold beverages adorned with Persian Fairy Floss?

Bonjour Patisserie Wahroonga: Everything you’re looking for in a cronut and so much more. Custard and toppings galore, you can't miss out on these. So pop in, I promise you’ll love them as much as I did!

SERIOUSLY. Need I say more? 

I better hit that treadmill… haha. 

Enjoy, Love St Frock x

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Saint frock |sānt fräk| noun

1. Patron Saint of fashion and fun (2010-PD)

• a person who is admired or venerated because of their ability to transform sinners of style into beacons of beauty
• (Saint) a member of the Congregation of the Holy Frock
• (Frock) a divine garment sacrosanct to devotees

2. A place of worship for followers of Frockolisism
• A destination of pilgrimage (The worshippers undertook their weekly pilgrimage to the hallowed ground in Pyrmont)