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How To Style Your Scarf!

on August 4, 2017

If you’re not out sipping pina coladas in the European sunshine, then you’re probably similar to us here at St Frock HQ… getting through the crisp Australian winter weather! 


To make winter more enjoyable (and fashionable), we’re sharing our favourite knitted scarves of the season!

Here are some of our staff favourites below: 


1. The Blanket Scarf



The Blanket Scarf is the perfect transitional accessory from winter to spring! Versatile, warm & fashionable, you can wear it as a draped scarf, poncho or shawl! Match yours with our Broadway Knitted Coat in Navy or opt for off-duty wear with our Ex Boyfriend Jeans. 

Shop the look here!


2. The Infinity Scarf


Feeling the crisp winter air? Our fast, fashionable & easy solution is an infinity scarf! You can wear it with a single loop by simply placing it around your neck. Alternatively, you can wear it double looped, where you place the infinity scarf over your head & around your neck. 

Love the outfits shown above? Shop the look here!

3. The Snood



Keep it simple & stylish with a snood! Simply place it on your neck & you’re good to go! It is the perfect accessory to add texture & elevate any look in an instant. We’ve styled ours effortlessly with a mustard knit & our faithful Brooklyn Jeans in Dark Blue. Want to get the look? Shop it here!


Knitted scarves a staple for winter & during the transition to spring! That’s why we’ve brought ALL our knitted scarves down to $20 for this weekend only! Snap up your favourites & be cosy all day long! Shop here!  


Want to know which knitted scarf would suit you best?

Take this fun & short 2 minute quiz to find out which knitted scarf best represents your personality! 


1. What appeals to you more?


A) Being a manager


B) Not sure yet honestly!


C) Being an artist




2. Do you usually get along with...


A) Realistic people


B) Funny, charismatic people


C) Creative people




3. If you could teach a topic, what would you teach?


A) Business


B) Too many topics, I couldn't pick one!


C) Music, Drama or Art




4. My priority in life at the moment is:


A) Earning an adequate income & saving money


B) I have too many priorities… I want to do it all!


C) Creating and making things I love




5. What rules more?


A) My head


B) Both my head and my heart


C) My heart




6. Which compliment do you value the most?


A) You're intelligent


B) You have many layers to your personality


C) You're a ball of fun!




7. Do you prefer:


A) Having a plan before doing something


B) Like having a plan but not fussed


C) Doing things during the spur of the moment




8. As a career woman, do you prefer:


A) Having tight deadlines


B) A mix of both


C) Ability to use your creative spirit freely




9. Are you:


A) Hard to get to know


B) Depends on the person


C) I let everyone in! 




10. How would you like to spend your weekend?


A) Having blocks of time seeing friends & family


B) Sometimes with lots of plans, sometimes with none


C) Whatever's on, i'll figure it out when the weekend starts! 




Add up your results... calculate how many A, B, C's you got! 



If you got mostly A’s... you’d enjoy wearing a snood! You are systematic & are organised to a T. A snood is perfect because it is a quick, fashionable & easy accessory to pop on when you’re feeling the cool breeze! You enjoy being busy & living a dynamic lifestyle, so the snood is just right for you! 


If you got mostly B’s... you’d love the infinity scarf! You love having plans but also adapt well when things don’t go as planned. You can be indecisive sometimes, but that’s only because you love and enjoy so many things in life! The infinity scarf is your new wardrobe staple because you can wear it relaxed with a single loop, or alternatively, rug up and wear it double looped!


If you got mostly C’s…. you’d rock a blanket scarf! You love living in the moment & are always up for a spontaneous adventure. Your keep everyone on their toes & regularly challenge the status quo! That’s why the versatile Blanket Scarf is the perfect addition to your closet. Wear it as a poncho, shawl, draped down your neck… even use it as a picnic blanket!


xx St Frock 

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