Meet The Team

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_SandradeeMakejev


    Director / Head Buyer / Boss Lady

    Loves - Animals

    Hates - Mushrooms

    Addicted to - Online shopping

    Phobias - Flying pigeons

    Can't live without - Colourful capes, black leggings and coral lipstick!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_CaitlinSparks


    General Manager / Buyer

    Loves - Reading

    Hates - Queuing

    Addicted to - Netflix

    Phobias - Spiders & heights

    Can't live without - High waisted black jeans & pink lipstick!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Stefanie


    Marketing Manager

    Loves - Basically anything that’s bad for you…

    Hates - Life admin

    Addicted to - Shopping!

    Phobias - Tidal waves - I can’t justify it.

    Can't live without - My phone, family & friends.

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Nicole_Sparks


    Financial Controller

    Loves - Sunny days & good tunes

    Hates - Bad hair days

    Addicted to - Morning coffee

    Phobias - Extreme sports & heights

    Can't live without - Blue fine-tip pens

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_FrancescaSpatino


    Ecommerce Merchandise Coordinator

    Loves - Taylor Swift, Summer, the beach

    Hates - Winter & horror movies

    Addicted to - Taylor Swift, Greys Anatomy and Salt & Vinegar chips

    Phobias - The dark, confined spaces and needles

    Can't live without - Taylor Swift and my make up brushes

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_ConnieGiaquinto


    Boutique Manager

    Loves - Exercising, makeup artistry and cooking

    Hates - Haters!

    Addicted to - Shopping :)

    Phobias - The dark

    Can't live without - Jeans and a t-shirt, high heels and mascara baby!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_SarahRickersey


    Customer Service Manager

    Loves - My dog Mabel and One Direction :)

    Hates - Peas!

    Addicted to - Bad TV

    Phobias - Moths

    Can't live without - Black jeans, Ray Bans and red lipstick

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_JennyMcClatchey


    Digital Graphic Designer

    Loves - Going out to dinner, drinking & the beach

    Hates - Slow walkers

    Addicted to - Blue cheese & chocolate

    Phobias - Mouldy food (not including blue cheese)

    Can't live without - My GHD

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Veronica


    Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

    Loves - The beach, exploring new places, food and fitness!

    Hates - Being in a slump/not working towards something

    Addicted to - Coffee, watching YouTube videos

    Phobias - Spiders, rats and being stuck in an elevator

    Can't live without - Family and friends!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Stef


    Customer Service

    Loves - All things cactus!

    Hates - Lies

    Addicted to - Online shopping

    Phobias - Creepy crawlies

    Can't live without - My phone or my GHD

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Noy


    Stock Controller

    Loves - Fashion, eating out, summertime & 90's R&B

    Hates - Winter & bills

    Addicted to - Shopping, lollies & watching reality TV shows

    Phobias - Rats & snakes

    Can't live without - Family & my phone

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Patrick


    Social Media Assistant

    Loves - Fashion, fun nights and summer

    Hates - Rude people

    Addicted to - Beyonce, shopping and lollies

    Phobias - Snakes

    Can't live without - Family, friends and Netflix!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Kris


    Data Analyst

    Loves - Quality sandwiches, vans and bicycles

    Hates - Slow computers, flat tyres

    Addicted to - Coffee and music

    Phobias - My card getting declined

    Can't live without - Bacon and eggs!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Amanda


    Boutique Superstar

    Loves - Video games and dinosaurs

    Hates - Being cold

    Addicted to - Buying lipstick and chocolate

    Phobias - Elevators

    Can't live without - Tea and a good book

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Billie


    Boutique Superstar

    Loves - Glitter, travelling and the beach!

    Hates - Bad manners

    Addicted to - Instagram and writing

    Phobias - Sounds weird but walking up or down super steep stairs (imagine turrets)! I feel like I'm going to fall

    Can't live without - A colourful wardrobe, friends, family and future travel plans!

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_AliceRoberts



    Loves - Cooking, travelling, fresh flowers and outdoor adventures

    Hates - Spiders, broccoli and negative people

    Addicted to - Danish fetta, biggie smalls and a good challenge!

    Phobias - People touching my food with their hands when they haven't washed them before :S

    Can't live without - MAC lipstick, the sun and the beach

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Jason



    Loves - My lovely wife, my guinea pig, basketball, eating out, wasting money and walking on water

    Hates - Realising I can’t walk on water and shouldn’t waste money

    Addicted to - A lot of things, coffee, sneakers clothes and now thanks to St Frock Cheds

    Phobias - Dying

    Can't live without - Work

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_AmandaRyan



    Loves - Black clothing and my dog Batman

    Hates - Being late

    Addicted to - Ocean and sunshine

    Phobias - Spiders

    Can't live without - Basic oversized white tee and a pair of denim shorts :)

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_LanaKington



    Loves - To laugh!

    Hates - When sand gets in your swimmers :(

    Addicted to - 90s pop music & coconut rough chocolate

    Phobias - Frogs!

    Can't live without - Sneakers, mascara & deodorant

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Amanda


    Masseuse & PT

    Loves - Challenges & flowers

    Hates - Animal cruelty

    Addicted to - Coconut products

    Phobias - Cockroaches and 80's fashion

    Can't live without - Lycra

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Nau_Nau

    Nau Nau AKA Fashion Dog Sydney

    Assistant Director

    Loves - Lunch time and grilled chicken

    Hates - High fives, clapping, generic dog food

    Addicted to - Cuddles and laying in the sun

    Phobias - Stairs and birds

    Can't live without - Being involved in everything

  • StFrock_Meettheteam_Mabel


    Snack Manager

    Loves - Snacks and belly rubs

    Hates - Sudden movements and exercise

    Addicted to - Licking the air

    Phobias - Basically everything

    Can't live without - My mum and cuddles